We code passionately and smoothly
We code passionately and smoothly
We code passionately and smoothly


Our mission is to build performing products for industrial technologies.
We do it passionately and smoothly.

Products and skills

  • Embedded systems

    Embedded system software design requires specific knowledge and different skills in many areas.

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  • Automotive apps

    Since 2010 eGlue supports CNH Industrial (formerly Fiat Industrial) in designing and developing solutions for diagnostics and telematics purposes.

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  • Mobile development

    eGlue designs solutions to connect complex systems (e.g. data collection systems, remote controls) with mobile devices available on the market or with devices made ad-hoc for the application.

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About us

eGlue Technologies was founded in 2008 by a group of engineers who dreamed to make a skilled team able to design and develop advanced software projects.

The company mission is the continuous research of innovative software components and infrastructures to be applied to our customers in order to reduce the time-to-market and to create new competitive products.


Our team is made of professionals with backgrounds as researchers, senior analysts and project managers that decided to gather and to exploit the opportunities of this market.